Good bye Uhuru Afrique. HALLO Afrique United!

AU Bos Vellies° - New & Improved

The Bos Vellies° story

Our aim is to manufacture a shoe that is Old School, Authentic velskoen. It had to be durable, original, hand made, soft and fit for any occasion. Most important of all, it had to be made in South Africa by local artisans and all of its parts had to be sourced locally. 

Oom André and his Wife meticulously crafts each pair of shoes by hand. He explains that if the Kudu Leather is perfect- it's not real. As a Kudu walks through the bush, it's hide gets scraped by bush and thorn therefore marking each piece of leather with unique patterns. Capturing this image and making a shoe of it allows you to wear Real, Raw Africa on your feet wherever you may go. 

Each pair of Bos Vellies° has a serial number embossed on its insole. The list of serial numbers started at 001 and has ever since not stopped growing. Even though this small detail takes a lot of time to craft we decided to do this because not one pair of shoes are the same, and neither are you and I or anybody else the same.
Don't lose your authenticity, just be you!