Good bye Uhuru Afrique. HALLO Afrique United!

Who We Are

An Honourable Heritage

We are Uhuru Afrique. We are Free. And we are African.

"Uhuru" means "Freedom" in Swahili - Africa’s most widely spoken language. Freedom lies at our core, it is the fibre that makes up our DNA.

We seek the beauty hidden within the diversity of this land of ours. Africa is our promised land.

An Honest Journey

The road that we take does not simply exist.

It unfolds beneath our feet as we dare tread the higher roads and unbeaten track in order to take up the pioneer's pursuit. We venture ever forward, tuned into the beat of adventure and geared to explore the stories worth sharing.

Engineered to pioneer.

An Authentic Experience

We believe in sourcing locally and sharing globally. We have a no-compromise culture where excellence and integrity lies at our foundation. We value and respect the people, places and products that form part of our craftsmanship. 

We are more than Uhuru Afrique. We are a community where every individual has the freedom to experience adventure in their own authentic way. We celebrate the unique character that is found within all. Let the journey unfold beneath your feet.

What are you waiting for?

Go on.

Adventure ever on.